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We provide a combination of statistical tools to help you increase your yield.
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All the availiable games from world's top leagues.

See the events you want to see. Filter them by date, markets or your favorite bookmaker. Adjust everything to your needs. Nothing more, nothing less! Get live updates on all odds and results with almost no delay.

  • Live odds and score updates
  • Track any odds price by value with Odds Tracker and unlimited web push notifications
  • Get all the available information with just one sight
  • Personalize Fixtures with filters like league, bookmaker, day, market and more
  • Graph with odds fluctuation for each bookmaker
  • Team's form with last 8 matches
  • Head To Head section with up to 8 past matches between the two teams

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Odds and Fixtures Tool

Odds Search Engine

Search by using your own criteria

By using Search Tool, you can filter future matches by using past data.

  • Live odds and score updates
  • Access the information you need fast and reliable
  • Search future matches for up to a week ahead applying league, bookmaker, day, market, streaks, forms and more filters.

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Systems Tool
Free community systems
Free community systems
Betting Odds New Pick
Systems Tool
The power of mindscore notifications

Get your hands on the strongest tool in the market and follow your own strategy by building betting systems with more than 1200 filters!

Check what happened in the past and create pattern to predict the future!

1) Build a system

Select bookmaker, market, sample and any combination of 1000+ available filters

2) Check what would happen if you bet on this the past years

Check what would happen if you bet on this system the past years of the selected sample (up to 10 years back)

3) Save your system and get notified

Mindscore will send you live notifications for every bet will be included or exluded under your active systems

4) Be loved (optional)

Share your system with Mindscore users and let everyone use your system

  • Free Community Systems
  • Live odds and score updates
  • Live picks updates
  • Unlimited usage
  • Unlimited systems
  • Unlimited picks
  • Unlimited push notifications and emails
  • Unlimited Windows,Mac OS and Android devices to receive notifications (iOS do not support push notfications)
Live notifications

Get unlimited live web push notifications for any odds movement or new matches availiable!

Unmatched Speed

Filter loads of historical sports data in less than half second!

Variety of Graphs

Select the graph type you like and get valuable information with just one sight.

Community Systems

Use any of our public systems. Just relax and get notified!

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Everything you need. An all-in-one application

You will not get just another application but a combination of easy-to-use tools.

All suitable to help you increase your betting yield.

Wide Range of Users

mindscore is used from bettors, journalists, coaches, teams and players from all over the world.

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